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Stage 3


So broken that you get to your crudest state of purity.

That which allows to be real,

That which allows you to see your essentiality,

That which gives you back the genuine,

That which allows you to return your wings.

Broken but recovered

With more force

To fly with new intensity ...

one that you did not know,

because you are also another.

Yes, there is no going back

And each step is now someone new.

You are never the same as you left the previous step

That's why I wanted to see you so broken

How to see you again bloom

From the naivety of the malice that you had to suffer

To be able to see you again rebuilt and shining

without good sense, as always

Just for being what you wanted to be when you were a storm,

and what you will always be

But now in another scene

And with the authentic new look

Observing from another prism,

That which makes the heart happy.

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