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About Me

There are a thousand forms of expression.

Mine has always been writing, where feelings are expressed and transcending realities.


It just keeps surprising me the world in itself, and the way in which I can release all the emotion it generates me through the written word, as my best ally in the expression.


There came a time when I felt it was very important to share these lines, however, I also discovered that the most difficult thing to dare with is to break with limitations and fears ... Absurd excuses, since finally the greatest fear should be is to stop doing what you love and not daring to fulfill dreams.


Why do I write?

Because I love to do it. Somehow it is liberating.

Because maybe I can make your imagination flies and you can travel with me through the words.

Also because maybe, you share with me the same emotions and somehow you feel represent on what I write.

Why do I publish?

Why not?

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