About life itself...

I always wanted to travel.

To dare to live unimaginable adventures, overcome my fears and dare to be with me, next to the unknown.

To know cultures I was passionate about, to share with strangers and their different forms.

Understand the environmental reasons that differe...

I was one of those who criticized the feminist movement that is so popular in my country, as well as all over the world, with different intensities, but which is a global issue, after all.

I observed their extreme ways of manifesting and felt that somehow, they transgre...


So broken that you get to your crudest state of purity.

That which allows to be real,

That which allows you to see your essentiality,

That which gives you back the genuine,

That which allows you to return your wings.

Broken but recovered

With more force

To fly with new inte...

Overflowing the tears of heaven that arise in your worn eyes,

Bright but hurt.

Restless, powerful.

Enjoy the sadness with all its colors and nuances



Die and be reborn.

Because if the most genuine way to be happy is to laugh out loud

The most authentic way to start...

December 18, 2018


I want you to be a storm when you're broken. 

The most powerful, the most dangerous.

I want you strong, I want you always intense.

I do not want you calm, ever.

I love you intense, as you are.

The storm screams and overflows through the tears of his noisy eyes.

Life stand...

October 22, 2018

Yes. I know that I am a person with a level of existentialism established in the deepest, and that's why I question and analyze a looooot and this time is not different ...(Based on the above, I am eternally grateful of the writing as a space that support my thoughts b...

October 22, 2018

To create through art you must have a different sensibility. Something that makes you grasp that something invisible to the eyes of this accelerated and corrupted world.

That "something" that allows you to see in people, in nature, in things themselves or in everyday th...

October 22, 2018

1. Get rid of all prejudice.Good and bad no longer exist. They stayed behind, at the airport from where you started your trip.

2. Dare to fall in love with each place. Trust and let yourself be enveloped by every detail of the new place you step on. Be dazzled like a ch...

October 22, 2018

"Traveling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness"


Mark Twain



Wherever you can.

At one hour from your current city? Doesn't matter. Come on! Go out and see the world!

Life is outside. Your life is outside wait...

September 13, 2018

*Soledad (spanish)Loneliness / female name. 


One of the biggest challenges we face is Soledad.

Perhaps because of that social stigma that "poor" Soledad carries ... socially it is always synonymous with rejection.

I think that's why it's the one I most feared .....

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