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Ibiza-Party of life as icon and flag

Only to hear its name make you want to relax, dance and become a bit crazy.

It has a different energy, irremediably positive. Its aura is of youth and free.

The beaches are very different from what is known in my country as such. Here are mostly coves, with turquoise waters and under steep cliffs with beautiful sunsets looking towards the Mediterranean.

The uninterrupted party mixes with a certain hippie passivity of some places, where an intense contact with nature is achieved in one of the natural paradises of Spain.

As an anecdote I remember that I wanted to buy some shorts. And I looked for some that came to my middle thigh, as the ones that I'm used to in my country, but ... those type did not exist in the shops that I visited. There were only half-buttock shorts available (it was even stranger because my previous location had been Morocco, a Muslim country where women wear Hijab or Chador).

And well, it was necessary to be acclimated ... I was already in Ibiza and that was the welcome to everything that came along!

The most renowned DJs in the world play in Ibiza daily. It was unusual for me to discover the billboard of bars and discotheques where Bob Sinclair, David Guetta, Paris Hilton (more than for his quality as a dj, for being her), Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren and so on as "daily bread" were playing there. Once again I clarified that it is the worldwide place of the party as a standard.

For the party I recommend the renowned Pacha, for being a classic, for being huge, for its different environments and the music in each of them. Essential is also the discotheque that has been renamed as the best club for several years in a row: Space, where, in my opinion, the show of the dancers and animators, their costumes and their disinhibition invite you to want to be one of them.

The environment of both is very select, with electronic music by the best djs in the world and the club is wearing amazing lights. At times, it is best to stay watching the euphoria of all the people there. Even in the case that you do not like electronic music, attending one of them is essential, because in themselves, they are already a show.

The beaches ... All wonderful (I get those flashbacks and I want to return, with a sigh included). It is as if the euphoria of the previous night was replaced by peace and good vibes among all those who share in those territories. You can have a beer, enjoy the sun and the temperance of the environment. It is impossible for me to describe each of them, given that Ibiza has 210 kms. of coast, and more than 30 coves and beaches. I recommend visiting those that have to do with what you are interested in seeing, because, although they are not classifiers, they are identified in some way by the idyllic atmosphere in each of them.


I recommend Cala Jondal, which is a bit rocky, but once you are there, you will notice that its waters are so clear that it is ideal to snorkel and see little fishes swimming. Another one I recommend is Playa Las Salinas, very close to the Ses Salines ecological park. It is also very nice and in both there is tremendous vibes and you can find more than one Hollywood celebrity. If that is your goal, you can not miss the Malibu beach bar.

Is also an option coves and nude beaches ... The truth is that if you do not topless in some of them, the weirdo is you.

Food? Very good, especially in the beach bars at sunset. My favorite dish? Octopus on the grill.

One of the things that broke into my belief system of Ibiza, is the lack of inhibitions in the people who visit this beautiful island, where being young soul is the only thing that is fashionable, because nothing else matters. Women and men of indeterminable ages stroll topless on the beaches, showing off their tattoos and infecting their energy.

I'm not a fan of illicit drugs, therefore, I kept away from them, but - like everyone - I know that in Ibiza you can find all types and the most exotic, able to provoking all kinds of sensations.

Its pristine beaches navigated by beautiful and very luxurious boats and yachts, and with infinitely fluent crew members ranging from Hollywood actors, Victoria's Secret models, millionaires and people "more or less common" invite you to drink for the present, youth and life.

A place that does not age and that only expects positive energy and desire to have an incredible time.

No matter how conservative you are, what you think or how you behave in your place of origin, Ibiza is the place where you can become what you want, to celebrate life, freedom and good times.

It is the place where the planet forgets the rules, governs the celebration and the eternal feast.

Cheers on Ibiza!

Where you get rid and forget your prejudices.

You only feel and live.

Where the celebration is the fundamental thing and for me, it is an essential stop while your soul still youth.

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