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Buenos Aires will be always fashionable.

Argentina is a female goddess.

Argentina is diva, has "pachorra" (slang word for strength), is Argentina.

Their people are brave, they raise them without fear.

They surprise, are charismatic, they have an unpredictable touch and what I like the most they love themselves and they show it.

They love their idiosyncrasies and their customs. And they infect it. Besides having wonderful places, their culture surprises ... music, soccer, tango and even religion.

Argentina is a diva ... because as a good diva, at this moment she is in the doldrums, but that's part of being a diva. Fall to the bottom, so that the least expected day resurfaces and returns to enchant us with its unique behavior.

Argentina does not die, Argentina just wants to surprise.

I love Buenos Aires ...

There are many reasons why and I will try to deploy most of them in the following lines, however, I think it will not be enough, because there are no words to describe that "I do not know what (No sé qué)" of the capital of Argentina.

Although there are a lot of places that I've been in Argentina, Baires needed one itself, because its such a special place...

First of all, I would like to refer to its people, because is thanks to their idiosyncrasy that this country is what it is.

Argentines put love and passion in everything they do, and do not mediate between feeling and expression (in a good and bad way). They simply don't keep nothing inside theirselves, and that is what makes them more sensitive, unpredictable and connected to themselves, as well as lovers and protectors of all expressions of the soul, reflected in the arts and local culture.

If someone said that Argentines were indifferent he probably met someone who had a bad day, or he ran out of yerba mate, but reality is not like that. It is definitely one of the places where most of the people wants to share with strangers, among them, or with anyone ...

They help you, they are respectful, and as they say, "re chamulleros" (means: if there's something they don't know they will invented).

It is very common in Argentina to get into a taxi and that the driver becomes a politician, economist, journalist, comedian, religious, psychologist, and thousands of other professions, just by saying "Hello."

What they do not know, they "chamullan" it (they tell a story about it), and, I swear it works out well.

In Baires you are a goddess !. In its streets, the amount of compliments you hear goes up the ego even to the most shy woman.

They are Argentines, they think themselves Argentines which is already a qualifier for them, synonymous with "tremendous", but without being petulant. A little "Garufas", as Gardel would say.

The Argentines know themselves differently. Argentines think themselves as the best and that may have only the following results; or do you buy that, or they intimidate you, or do you detest them, but indifference, never (Have they ever seen an Argentine who goes unnoticed? ... much less if is from Buenos Aires).

They believe they are the best, and how strange, because they manage to create some of it. Maybe that is what makes them different, since it is part of the collective personality.

Another thing that I love about Buenos Aires is that it is free, especially for the arts and culture.

In Argentina have been born and / or have developed great artists of the most diverse genres, from painting, poetry and above all, music (other of my favorite things that I like most in this country).

At an architectural and cultural level, it is the closest thing to Europe that I have seen in Latin America. It's like a city in Italy, with a current nostalgia, its expressive people and a bit of chaos. But it never loses elegance.

Something that stands out from the Argentines in general, is of course, their cultural level, and the appreciation of the expressions of art in general, demonstrated in infinite details; since in each corner there is a kiosk that sells many books, its love for its music (you can distinguish diverse and recognized singer-songwriters even by Argentine provinces) and the shoppings, that exhibit beautiful murals in its walls.

It is essential to delight the senses with the passionate romanticism of tango, where the dance steps are combined and the lovers become one with the rhythm of Gardel. Tango is not only to be observed, but also to live it and when witnessing it, it's impossible not to imagine how many stories were developed between Italian immigrants, mestizos and prostitutes in La Boca neighborhood with those background tunes.

Specifically, I recommend:

- Barrio la Boca and Caminito: A must-see in Buenos Aires. Its streets and houses painted in a thousand colors are wonderful. For Chileans, something as picturesque as Valparaíso. Everything oriented towards culture and football. There, music and Argentine passion are lived.

Nowadays, citizens say, it is quite dangerous. The truth is that I have visited it without much scare, but I imagine that if they say it, it is better to be alert.

-In Argentina you eat, a lot, and very tasty. I recommend trying everything in different places and without fear. Everything is delicious ...

Facturitas with dulce de leche in the morning, with a coffee with milk or a mate to start the day very active.

Milanese with fries, pasta and of course, the barbecue which is usually cooked in wood, then take a smoked taste.

- And football, which will never cease to be fundamental. I think that more than anything is because of the aforementioned passion they put into everything they do. (I do not know if I know of any other place in the world where they have a religion of a football player, like the Maradona's Church), that is why, definitely, one of the things that should be done in Argentina is to go to the field to see a soccer game. They live with passion, they shout and they cry.

- Visit the San Telmo Market, which would be something like the famous Nothing HIll market in London, where there are many random things, souvenirs and interesting antiques.

- Go shopping. Even more if it's on one of the most beautiful shopping malls I have ever seen: Galerias Pacifico, which used to be an art gallery and was restored for these purposes. It is located on Florida Street with Av. Córdoba. The special thing about this shopping is that its walls exhibit real masterpieces and its shops are of a high standard (brands such as Cacharel or Yves Saint Laurent, and a one local and of my favorites: Zarkany).

There are others such as Galería Güemes (Historical Heritage of the city) and Abasto, which also stand out because they are shaped by beautiful paintings on their walls, architectural beauty and sculptures. It is worth being visited by all those who appreciate art and good taste.

But more than buying international brands, I recommend shopping around the local boutiques, as they also contain stylish pieces of high fashion clothing.

- Enjoy a Sunday afternoon of "dolce far niente", as their Italian ancestors would say , drinking mate in any of their parks, socializing on the banks of the La Plata river, like every Argentine who spends time with family and friends.

- Go to a tango show. Simply unmissable.

Undoubtedly, because as I previously mentioned about this musical style, you can feel with the dancers the story behind it, allowing the emotion to come. Essential in Buenos Aires.

I also recommend going to the theater or any show that is presented; I remember having attended a play in another city in Argentina, and they are really good, and in the case of the one I witnessed, very funny. I also had the opportunity to go to the Cirque du Soleil of Soda Stereo. Tremendous. It was not one of my favorites bands until I went to that show ...

- What a great night Buenos Aires City!

You can really have such a great time there. The bohemian Baires has something special...

Of course, after dinner - a must in Argentina, when the family gathers - that usually starts at 8:00 PM, it is necessary to get ready for what comes at night.

I suggest -as in almost all the big world capitals- do a Pub Crawl. Ideally for the sector of Palermo, because is safe, and is where you can find some of the best pubs in Baires, with many young people.

If you prefer to do something rather independently, it is important to remember that the party in Argentina starts very late and ends very early (or vice versa). Usually you go out to dance at the discos at two and a half or three in the morning, and finish when at sunrise.

In my case, I went to Tequila, a tremendous club. Honestly, it does not have much to envy to any club of Ibiza, for its style and exclusivity, but with less electronics music, more oriented to Latin America. You must be very well dressed, since there is an established dress code and they do not allow anyone to enter.

- Walk through Puerto Madero, one of the most modern places in Buenos Aires, with the beautiful Puente de la Mujer, which simulates a couple dancing tango (which personally, I could never understand).

There are excellent restaurants in the sector to eat a good steak of chorizo ​​and empanadas; It is also worth living the contrast between this modern and minimalist style with the rather classic and nostalgic Buenos Aires to which we are used to.

- Enchant yourself with your people and the sentimental value they give to human relationships and art.

Buenos Aires is a city to go alone or with friends, where you can get lost in its streets, admiring its architectural quality, which mixes the half realistic art, typical of the fundamental aesthetics of Rome, with a Buenos Aires somewhat decayed and crumbling of both abuse and political corruption.

Taste their music and culture is what I recommend the most, because personally, I felt in love with them.

And, of course, allow yourself to listen. A lot. And let yourself be carried away with their stories or not (real or not), what does it matter! Just allow yourself to believe with passion, just like any Argentine.

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