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Barcelona: Elixir of eternal youth

What is it about this city that hypnotizes?

For me, it has to do with youth, that feels eternal, losing the notion of time.

Life looks nicer since the plane's descent.

The party is infinite and perpetuity itself is celebrated.


Barcelona has become one of the cities of world reference, in terms of its cultural, sports and artistic level.

Among the monuments that are in it, there are six World Heritage buildings, being particularly beautiful and with a challenging and imposing architecture. Also you can visit neighborhoods of different arquitectural styles. My favorite: The Gothic neighborhood.

And it's that Barcelona is like that: vanguard, cosmopolitan, powerful and at the same time delicate. Tasty and intriguing mix that you can also perceive in the people that you know during your stay in the city. Everyone has something of that taste ...

In some way Barcelona has the Millenial soul; respect and value their traditions, care and almost venerate the places of antiquity that are still under construction, love and live the freedom, feel unique and special and the city wakes up every day with the spirit of eating the world .

I was alone in Barcelona, ​​but I never really felt lonely at all, because Spanish (or Catalans) are used to tourists, so they are willing to welcome you and show you the city, especially considering that most of those who inhabit it are immigrants or descendants of them who simply let themselves fall in love for this city so stayed there.

The bars are full of Millenials toasting in what might be called "after office". People live without fear and it feels like a lot of energy is conjugated in the place.

They feel different to the rest of Spain, and I think they are. Not only because Catalan is the most spoken language; its customs are different and its rhythms of life as well, but also because they want to be special.

Actually they act particularly unique.

One of the obvious stops in Barcelona is also the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, where you can enjoy Gaudi's masterpiece and icon of modernist architecture in Catalonia. It is one of the most visited monuments in Europe and it is worth it, especially if you are an admirer of the construction and the art behind it.

It is full of nooks and crannies with Christian history symbolism placed in various parts of the church.

As is known, it is still under construction, and although it is thought that it can be finished in about 10 more years, I don't know if this will ever happen; It would be like taking away an important folkloric characteristic from this masterpiece.

I recommend visiting the Camp Nou, even for people like me, who in particular do not even understand much about the logistics of soccer (I think that for soccer fans this recommendation becomes unnecessary). But being there is amazing; It was interesting to discover that behind a football team there is a whole culture, which in my case, I did not know at all, and although my intention was rather superficial when visiting that place (just to say "I was there") once I found myself inside -basically worry about taking the corresponding photos to incite the envy of my male friends / family members- I understood that the fans of this sport deserve respect, since there are genuine feelings of love and in some cases even veneration of players, or a team.

At night, the city is dressed in lights, its streets invite to celebrate life just for being life, perhaps without much more sense than the deepest of all; being happy.

Barcelona captivates you with its charms and the feeling of freedom. I understand all those who have lived strenuous adventures in order to become a citizen of the city: beach, sun, history and infinite energy in those who inhabit it ... who would not want to be part of it?

Strangely enough, writing this entry became a smooth exercise without pressure because of the prolixity of the result as it has been in others written where I am particularly demanding. I think this has to do with what Barcelona generates and the sensations it evokes. Everything flows naturally, like a calm and genuine dance that seduces you and invites you to stay.


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