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About traveling and the (maldito) fear

"Traveling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness"


Mark Twain



Wherever you can.

At one hour from your current city? Doesn't matter. Come on! Go out and see the world!

Life is outside. Your life is outside waiting for you to be lived.

The most hidden corners of yourself come to light interacting with the outside.

What you think impossible of yourself as well.

Why to do it alone?

Practically, because you move on your own rhythm. Personally, I love to go around the city, look around and try to immerse myself in the local culture; their customs, their way of seeing life and ways of interacting. That is why you have to take advantage of the day and walk.

But I also like to go out in the night to the fashionable places, make friends and socialize. This is sometimes more sacrificed, because the next day you have to get up early again with the same desire to continue discovering.

That's why it's good to be alone, because you simply "accommodate yourself".

If you go with someone else, ideally that person should have a similar rhythms to yours, or keep in mind to travel with someone who you can separate when you want to do different things (maybe what I say is very individualistic).

Maybe it's little repetitive, but it's amazing how much you learn about yourself when you travel.

You learn that you really are the only thing that can make you happy.

You learn to know and respect your limits.

You learn to love and take care of yourself.

You learn to believe in yourself and others.

To trust in abilities that you didn't know you have before. And to exploit them.

... I think that collecting places and stories gives meaning to existence ...


This is how I call it, because it is the worst enemy in all areas of life. On trips, stick it in your pocket.

Once during a trip, a great friend told me "Trust yourself and everything will be fine". Since that moment I use it at times when fear could arise and has show me that faith in the proper functioning of things, joy and conviction do that effectively everything that happens continues to move in the same vibration.

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