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About the Artists

To create through art you must have a different sensibility. Something that makes you grasp that something invisible to the eyes of this accelerated and corrupted world.

That "something" that allows you to see in people, in nature, in things themselves or in everyday things a beauty that is not enough to contemplate.

Art, in its different expressions, is like screaming in a heartrending way and without respect for what inspires you, because art can not be pigeonholed within socially established parameters. It goes much further. It does not belong to the mundane; it is the language of the soul.

It is not easy to be an artist. Only the concept itself hides a huge complexity. Because to be an artist you must be "a little crazy".

But it is precisely that madness that is conventionally spoken by those who do not understand anything about madness, and probably a great challenge for a "stable mind".

Artists feel much more than the rest, it's that profound.

They vibrate, they cry and they laugh.

They do live.

And that's why they become unbalanced. Because the world is not prepared to receive such an innocent and powerful energy at the same time.

The artist can not control the way he perceives. Just feel.

It would be simpler and superficial not to feel that way, because when it hurts, it's tremendous. Goes to the deepest.

However, without the artists, what would be of this world?

We would subsist perhaps. Maybe even in what many people want, in this order that we have created where "numbers just add up". A perfect social adjustment, without many swings, rigorous, deferential and framed.

But is that really what the authentically human essence hides? I do not want to assert it, but it's definitely not mine.

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