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10 commandments to travel

1. Get rid of all prejudice.Good and bad no longer exist. They stayed behind, at the airport from where you started your trip.

2. Dare to fall in love with each place. Trust and let yourself be enveloped by every detail of the new place you step on. Be dazzled like a child with its details. Give yourself to the new experiences that the new destination can offer you.

3. Leave fears of the unknown (personally, the most difficult for me).

4. Understand that, most of the time what you leave behind will be waiting for you in the same way you left it; True affections and friendships do not get lost over time, they get stronger.

5. Put aside the concern for the material.

6. ENJOY every second of the present.

7. Trust yourself!!!!!!

8. Try everything people offer you. Say yes to each adventure (but with a high dose of self-care and intuition).

9. Respect local customs, traditions and culture.

10. Do not compare anything with the known (nor with your country, nor with your customs, etc. Very difficult too).

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