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Miami Beach, bae!

Miami ...

The land of fun in United States ...

Would it have the same taste without us, Latin Americans there?

I don't think so...

I like Miami, but it's not my favorite if it's about enjoying Caribbean beaches.

However, of course, in Miami you can enjoy shopping for the most sophisticated brands, and living the "fancy life".

It is a place where the rule is to have fun, in the most superficial possible way.

What I think is good about Miami in terms of the sociocultural environment that is perceived, is the mix of Latinos who come to live there and combined each other making a single culture, while honoring their differences, depending on the country they come from. I also appreciate from Miami and to the United States in general, for fulfilling the "Latinamerican Dream", that is something like the American Dream but for the South American and Caribbean dreamers, who have been able to live the freedom there, making their life easier and dreams coming come true without some limitations that often occur in their places of origin.

To be honest I've been in Miami three times and I've chosen that city mostly to rest from previous destinations: Orlando and Disney parks, and New York, which left us particularly exhausted. However, Miami has many places to visit, and many activities to do and if not (as my last visit) you can simply enjoy its beaches, which are not the most beautiful in the world but have the ideal weather and a water temperature that is consistent with what is known as "Caribbean beach".

But without a doubt, the essential thing is to go shopping, relax and go partying.

It's also fun to walk, ride on rollerblades or bike in its quiet bike lanes.

Also there are many Shopping Malls with low prices and recognized outlet brands.

That is why it is convenient to go to Dolphin Mall or Sawgrass, where there are several multinationals like Puma, GAP, Adidas, Lacoste, among many others that offer their products at very cheap prices.

As in all places, I recommend do cultural tours and try to get a bit of the local culture.

I do not know if there are tours in Miami like the ones I usually refer to in my posts (I haven't do a proper tour in Miami). That's why I can only recommend the Little Havana tour in the Riverside area, where they say, it's like having a piece of Cuba in the United States (or that neutral territory that Miami is).

There is no doubt that Miami is a good destination to simply relax and enjoy, but in my opinion, it does not satisfy the traveler's hunger for history / culture; Although it has hosted a series of immigrants since its inception, this city was founded more by commercial base and economic interest, in order to sustain the local trade that was taking place at the time.

Its fundamental shift - and for me the greatest cultural contribution - has to do with the strong migration of Cubans since 1959 due to the revolution of that country and from then on, of people of all nationalities, reaching more than 60% of Hispanics.

It should be noted also the cleanliness and order the city, receiving the recognition of it in Forbes magazine.

But if what you are looking for is the mix the rest of a paradisiacal beach with culture and history, keep lookin '!

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