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And they say about Soledad

*Soledad (spanish): Loneliness / female name.



One of the biggest challenges we face is Soledad.

Perhaps because of that social stigma that "poor" Soledad carries ... socially it is always synonymous with rejection.

I think that's why it's the one I most feared ... "That invisible companion" that finally only opens the door to ourselves ...

And it's been months since that decision was made and it feels "innovatively complex" to be with her ...

With Soledad ...

Because Soledad is a woman whose only name evokes feelings that are not describable in a single word.

Soledad is something like nostalgia / sadness / courage / strength at the same time.

She is enigmatic, because nobody really knows another one when is with Soledad. That is why Soledad is finally the one who knows everyone the most.

You must be brave to face her, persistent to embrace her and wise to learn from her.

Soledad brings out the best and the worst of us, in that dance she develops, where she allows us to be the absolute protagonist.

She only watches.

Observe the development and behavior. Joy and also sadness ... Love spontaneity and growth.

Observe the purest, dreamer and perverted thoughts. Those that are real.

I'm sure we love her to show up, but for a limited time. I am not able to generalize, so I become the owner of the idea that most of us are social beings, dependent on others and in need of interaction. Of their support, approval and company.

Being with Soledad, that delicate mate, you also face the worse of your enemies, who is finally yourself, your insecurities and more limiting thoughts.

You are simply what you do not show to the world; there are no masks, because even you judge yourself, but not Soledad.

I think that being alone brings out, then, the worst and the best of each one, but it also allows you to get to know yourself in depth, and in my case, it takes courage and force forward that I did not know.

This is how Soledad is... hard, strong and cold. She has a certain sadness perhaps, but she shows herself firmly and perfectly upright, like a banner.

It allows independence, and that is combined with freedom.

I must say that I enjoyed being "with" Soledad a lot too. And I would like others to be able to do it. Because it is not necessary to have a multitude of people or even a single person by your side to be able to feel sufficiently validated, loved and accepted.

Several things have happened to me on this road alone, accompanied by Soledad ...

You begin to value your time the most, and therefore to the people with whom you share it, because you know that inside you are already the best of the companions or the worst of the headaches, then, you choose whom to have close, have to be worth that time.

"As much as I tell my jokes, they always make me laugh"; As the song says, you can be spontaneous and crazy. Listen to the same song 300 times in a row ("Hola mi Vida" by Tan Biónica, in my case). Sing and speak to you loudly.

You begin to understand that the best prediction of the future is the decisions you are making, because you have the freedom and independence to be able to build your own destiny.

The cliché is real.

The freedom that Soledad allows and the strength that expands is the causality of what you want your destiny to become.

Palacio de Versalles, París.

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